Privacy and Data Trust Centre

Walmart is all about you – our customers and associates, our suppliers and our business partners – we truly value our relationship with you and the trust you place in us. Respect for the individual is at the heart of all we do, and we take our responsibilities to each one of you, regarding your privacy and personal information, very seriously.

At Walmart, we know your privacy matters to you; earning and maintaining your trust matters to us.

Respect for your privacy guides the way we choose our business partners, design our products and services, and deal with your personal information. We manage your personal information according to your preferences, and applicable legal and business requirements. Whether you are a consumer, customer, our associates or business partner, Walmart ensures that you maintain control over how your personal information is collected, processed, and stored.

An important part of our commitment to respecting your privacy is our promise to be transparent about our privacy practices and to clearly explain how we protect your privacy. Our Privacy and Data Trust Centre is where you can learn more about our privacy, security, and data governance practices. Here you may find details on how we manage personal information, answers to your privacy questions, and information on how you can exercise your personal information rights. The Privacy and Data Trust Centre also describes best practices on how you can help to protect your information online, and much more.

The following Privacy Notice and supplemental notices set out our practices related to the collection, use and sharing of your personal information when you visit our websites or use our mobile applications, make use of our services, or otherwise communicate or interact with us. Simply click on the links below to read how Walmart uses your personal information.

The Privacy Notice and supplemental notices are current as of the date set at the top of each document. If we intend to materially change any of our practices set out in the Privacy Notice or any of the supplemental privacy notices, including if we intend to use your personal information for any purpose not contemplated herein, we will provide you prior notice of such change and obtain your consent to the extent required under applicable law. If we do not have a functioning email address for you, we will also post such changes to our websites before changes take effect; please check for such changes periodically.