Ethical Data Use

Updated: Dec. 12, 2022

Why do we collect data? Simply put, because all data tell a story.

We rely on data to bring value to our customers, identify new business opportunities, build a more sustainable future for our communities, as well as advance careers, diversity, equity and inclusion for our associates. At Walmart, our definition of value when using data includes an identification of all stakeholders who will gain benefits from the use of the data.




Improved customer experience, including through product and service offerings tailored to your needs and interests

Operational and marketing efficiency, effectiveness and reliability

Inclusive economic growth and business development opportunities for a diverse group of suppliers across our local and global supply chains and the people they employ

Simplified and secure access to enhanced healthcare offerings

Advanced personal and career development for our associates

Positive impact on the communities we serve

Optimized service reliability

New revenue generating opportunities

The data that Walmart collects and uses to drive these values can be broken down into four categories:

  • Personal information. This category includes personal information that you disclose during your interaction with Walmart, e.g., when completing a purchase, requesting information, entering into a contract with Walmart or applying for a job
  • Engagement data. This type of data details how you interact with our websites or apps, text communications, social media pages, emails, paid ads and customer service
  • Behavioural data. This category includes transactional details such as purchase and product search histories, product usage information (e.g., repeated actions), and qualitative data (e.g., mouse movement information)
  • Attitudinal data. This data type encompasses metrics on consumer satisfaction, purchase criteria, product desirability and more

You can trust that personal information gathered from you, and about you, is done so for you — and that these activities are carried out with integrity and the ethical principles of fairness, accountability and transparency.