Walmart Canada digitizes store operations

Dec. 10, 2020

1 Min. Read

By Lee Jeyes
Senior Director, Store Process and Innovation, Walmart Canada

At Walmart, we like to say we are associate-driven, tech-empowered.

In fact, it’s very common to spot associates using their phones for work-related tasks from checking prices and inventory to receiving trailers of merchandise and reviewing reports and so much more.

We are empowering our people, our more than 90,000 associates, with the tools, technology and apps they need to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Our customers are mobile-first and we want our associates to be, too.

As we celebrate #NationalAppDay, we’re also celebrating how far we’ve come on our mobile-first journey in partnership with our store associates through grassroots innovation.

Digital culture

Our associates ask. We listen. We innovate.

Why? So we can position ourselves for future growth and to help create “smarter” stores.

We’re finding that our internal apps, more than 15 of them, increase productivity, engagement and provide communication in real-time as well as free up hours of time for our associates to serve customers.

Associate app usage has gone up 35% in the last year alone

For Sheila, a Customer Experience Salesfloor Associate at store 3027 in Edmonton, Alberta, her favourite app is the Inventory App because it’s great for checking prices, product location and in-stock, and in turn helps her provide great customer service.

And Ernestina, a Department Manager at store 3636 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, like many other associates is taking full advantage of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) App to assist our customers and to keep her teams informed and engaged. Using her own phone, she can access all the apps she needs to manage her department.

Project Fuel App

Sam Walton said our associates are our best idea generators.

Early next year, we will launch Project Fuel App. Associates can share ideas instantly with peers, leaders and the wider business. The associates will get the chance to see their ideas become reality.

I am really excited to see what ideas our associates come up with and bringing these ideas to life.

Happy #NationalAppDay!