Celebrating Walmart Canada’s success in Quebec on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

June 23, 2022

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By Jon Rumley, Walmart Canada Corporate Affairs

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is a day for Quebecers to celebrate culture, language, traditions and identity.

Walmart Canada is home to more than 14,500 Quebec associates like Patrice Goderre, Operations Assistant Manager in Châteauguay and Tommy Drouin, Store People Manager in Sorel-Tracy.

“Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is an opportunity to celebrate the beautiful province of Quebec by getting together with my loved ones and listening to Quebec music,” said Patrice.

"Saint-Jean Baptiste is really a celebration of who we are as a community,” added Tommy.

Walmart Canada is also proud to work with local Quebec suppliers such as Lamour Group, a manufacturer and importer of socks, underwear, intimates and performance wear that works with companies to supply Walmart customers with established brands such as George, Athletic Works and more. Next year, they’ll add Fruit of the Loom to that list.

We’ve created Quebec jobs as a result of the Walmart experience.
Martin Lieberman, Director of Lamour Group

“We’ve been doing business with Walmart since the first day they came to Canada,” said Martin Lieberman, Director of Lamour Group. “We’ve embraced the Walmart culture since Day One – it’s all about the customer.”

Lamour was founded in Montreal in 1952 as a small, family-owned factory business. Today, it’s one of the largest apparel companies in Canada, employing nearly 200 people in Quebec.

“We’ve created Quebec jobs as a result of the Walmart experience. By supporting Quebec companies that supply Walmart, you’re helping the Quebec economy,” Lieberman said.

“Without Walmart, this wouldn’t be possible,” he added.

“Lamour has been a valued supplier to Walmart Canada since we entered the Canadian market in 1994,” said Deanna Barnett, Walmart Canada’s Omni Merchant for Apparel Merchandising. “Over the years, we have worked collaboratively with them to offer great value programs to our customers.”

Lamour is one of the more than 500 Quebec companies Walmart works with every day, purchasing approximately $3.2 billion worth of products over a year-long period.

In May, Walmart announced it would carry 100% Quebec beef in all Quebec Supercentres. This announcement follows Walmart’s 2021 commitment to sell Quebec pork in all Quebec Supercentres.

Walmart is proud to give back, too. In 2021, Walmart raised and donated more than $5.3 million for Quebec charities.

That’s exactly what Walmart Canada has been doing for more than 28 years to support and represent Quebec.

Bonne Saint-Jean!