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Walmart Canada – a destination for health and wellness

By Alex Hurd
Vice President, Health Services, Walmart Canada

As a dad of four ranging in ages from six to 13, my wife and I work hard to instill healthy habits in our kids. That includes a balanced, nutritious diet and being active.

And with school aged kids, pharmacy services are hugely important to us, too.

That’s why Walmart isn’t just my employer – our family relies on our products, services and convenience.

You should, too.

Our mission is Save Money, Live Better.

Living better means prioritizing the health and well-being of Canadians by enhancing access to affordable healthcare to complement Canada’s healthcare system.

As a destination for your day-to-day healthcare needs to protect yourself, your families, your workplace and your communities.

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The majority of Canadians live within 10 minutes of a Walmart store and our more than 400 stores serve more than 1 million customers daily.

To stay well, we leverage our merchandise offering like our fresh food options to fitness apparel, sporting equipment, pharmacy services and smart technology, which all help promote good health.

Flu season and immunizations

Experts are predicting a strong flu season this year.

But don’t worry – Walmart has your back this season, as the one-stop shop for your health and wellness needs.

We’re doing our ‘immunity service’, helping Canadians get vaccinated against the flu. With our digital scheduler, customers can book an appointment to get their shot for a fast and efficient visit.

Customers can also book their COVID-19 boosters online, too.

We’re able to meet customers where they are already spending time, shopping in our stores. That’s what makes our offer so unique and a key differentiator. That’s also what makes Walmart so special.

Wellness Days

Our Wellness Days are back. For the second time this year, on Oct. 22, we’re offering free type 2 diabetes screening and consultations through our Walmart Pharmacies and Vision Centres and I encourage you to stop by.

Our suite of services also includes convenient tools for prescription refill and order text reminders.

We are always looking at better ways to serve our customers and we continue to expand our healthcare ecosystem.

We’re proud of our role in helping Canadians live better, stay well and live healthier lives.

Our goal at Walmart Canada is to make healthcare seamless, easy and maybe even a little bit of fun.

I hope to see you in stores – I'll be the one chasing my kids around the store!