Inspiring creativity in the workplace

Aug. 25, 2023

Kennedy Soong Bouchard

Mixing business and pleasure isn’t always a bad thing. Just ask Kennedy Soong Bouchard, a student working as a part-time fashion associate at Store #3001 in Ajax, Ontario who finds creative inspiration at work every day.

“As a naturally imaginative person, I find myself thinking of creative ways to do simple tasks,” says Kennedy. “Whether it be thinking of new ways to make a customer smile, thinking of cute ways to put together an endcap, or simply just inspiring others to think creatively.”

Kennedy is studying photography at Toronto Metropolitan University, and just published her first photography book, More Than Someone’s Daughter: She is Someone. The piece focuses on 20 women from a variety of backgrounds. Kennedy had a conversation with each of these women centring around how they are more than their relationships with those around them.

When pulling together her outline for the portraits she wanted to include, she was excited that some of her Walmart colleagues were interested in taking part.

“I did the photoshoot with my colleagues over the course of three days and ended up with a few standout photos that I was really excited to use in my book,” Kennedy says. “I was lucky to be surrounded by a group of women that were enthusiastic about participating.”

Kennedy is approaching her two-year work anniversary with Walmart and is an active member of the Women in Retail program, which champions development, education, and networking for our internal talent.

"We have group huddles, and I even have one-on-ones with my co-manager about my personal and career goals,” Kennedy shares. “Women in Retail has a strong relation to the type of photography I’ve been creating over the past year: women working with women to reach all of our goals together as a team.”

Walmart’s flexibility for part-time associates also ensures Kennedy has the time to achieve those goals, both at work and in her personal life.

“Working part-time at Walmart has been a great experience for me. I’ve always been encouraged and reminded that my studies are the most important thing for me to prioritize,” Kennedy explains. “Knowing that my workplace understands I’m a student and the workload that comes along with it has inspired me to put my best effort in whenever I’m at the job.”

What’s next for Kennedy? “I’d love to get my bachelor’s degree in education so I can combine my passion of working with children with art and photography,” shares Kennedy. And we’re excited that she plans to work with Walmart while she’s pursuing these dreams.