Ingredient Wise program launches with more than 400 Walmart Brands products

June 27, 2023

1 Min. Read

More Canadians than ever are turning to private brands when they shop with us, choosing to purchase from our Walmart Brands portfolio, which includes brands like Great Value, Our Finest and Your Fresh Market.

These products are crafted exclusively for our customers and we’re constantly looking for opportunities to improve them, offering even more options, quality and a focus on price for our customers.

Recently, more than 400 Walmart Brands products in the food category sport a new blue check mark on the package, indicating they are part of our new Ingredient Wise program.

Through our Ingredient Wise program, we’ve removed five ingredients our customers have told us they don’t want.

Ingredient Wise products, identified by a special logo featuring a checkmark – are made without:

  1. Synthetic colours 
  2. Artificial flavours 
  3. Artificial sweeteners 
  4. Hydrogenated vegetable oils 
  5. Monosodium glutamate

This program is the perfect example of how we bring customer feedback to life through Walmart Brands.

Our team of product developers, like Andrew Gugula, impact every single part of the process to create the Walmart Brands products our customers love so much and rely on for some of our best prices on everyday essentials.

“Developing our Walmart Brands food products is a big responsibility. We bring our customers’ wants and needs to life in a tangible and delicious way,” explains Andrew. “Our team of product developers takes customer feedback and turns it into product – handpicking ingredients and tweaking a recipe until it’s ready for market.”

The Ingredient Wise program began rolling out to stores in 2022. More than 400 updated products will re-launch this year, with more to come. Learn more at www.walmart.ca/en/ingredient-wise