Love at Walmart Canada: Our most-loved Walmart Brands products!

Feb. 13, 2023

2 Min. Read

By Julianna Cummins, Corporate Affairs

The associates on our Walmart Brands team put their hearts and souls into sourcing products our customers will love at the prices they expect from Walmart.

We took a closer look at how our customers are getting ready for Valentine’s Day, and which Walmart Brands products our customers and Canadian leadership team love the most!

Walmart Canada is ready to help Canadians show their love on Valentine's Day

With the majority Canadian households living within 10 minutes of a Walmart store, we’re a reliable and convenient option for Valentine’s Day shoppers - whether you’re a planner or a procrastinator!

Below are a few fun facts about how much Valentine’s Day merchandise we expect to sell this season. We’re proud to help our customers show their love to their nearest and dearest!

  • We anticipate we’ll sell approximately 600,000 Valentine’s Day cards across Canada. If arranged lengthwise side-by-side, the cards would cover the distance from downtown Toronto all the way up Highway 404 to Keswick, ON!
  • The Valentine’s Day mini card exchange is a time-honoured tradition in classrooms across Canada. We estimate we’ll sell over 6.8 million of these kids-sized cards this season, which includes cards that come with small gifts for your friends and family, such as pencils, stickers, and temporary tattoos!
  • Sweets and stuffies are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. We expect we’ll sell over 510,000 Valentine’s Plush dolls this season, along with nearly 3 million Valentine’s Day chocolates!
  • Will you accept this (Walmart) rose? We anticipate we’ll sell 265,000 fresh flower bouquets this season, including 101,000 bouquets of roses!

The Walmart Brands products our customers love the most

  • First up, a real tear-jerker: Our top selling product in the Fresh category is our 1.36kg bag of Your Fresh Market Yellow Onions.
  • Making breakfast for your sweetie? Our customers love our Great Value Dozen Large White Eggs, our best-selling item in Grocery.
  • Great oral hygiene is key to attracting – and keeping! - a mate. Our Equate Multi-Action Toothbrush (single count) is our top seller in Health and Beauty/Cosmetics.
  • And finally: in our Home category, our best-selling item is our Washcloth Towel. Nothing like quality and affordable linens to impress a new date!

And finally: Some of our Canadian Leadership Team’s most-loved Walmart Brands products

Sam Wankowski, Chief Merchandising Officer: “My favourite Walmart Brands item right now is our Your Fresh Market Strawberries. I’m an old romantic at heart, and how you could not fall for these berries at $4.97, grown in Leamington, ON by Canadian supplier Mastronardi! They’re great dipped in Great Value chocolate, too.”

Dries D'hooghe, Interim Chief Operating Officer: “I love salty snacks – and I can’t pick a favourite chip flavour from our Great Value selection. We offer a great assortment and flavours! They’re the perfect snack while you’re watching your favourite Canadian sports team.”

Rob Nicol, Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs: “My favourite thing to do on a snowy afternoon is enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with my family. Our Great Value Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mix has what I consider to be the perfect ratio of cocoa to marshmallows.”

AnnMarie Mercer, Chief People Officer: “It’s always a good occasion for chocolate – but I really love our Great Value Almond Milk Chocolate when I’m hosting fondue night. It tastes great with fruit – and I might sneak a square or two, too.”