Walmart Canada’s most popular Great Value choices from coast to coast

June 30, 2022

2 Min. Read

By Stephanie Fusco, Corporate Affairs, Walmart Canada

Canadians across the country will be gathering with family and friends for the long weekend and, many will be popping into their local Walmart first for celebration supplies.

Our savvy customers often reach for our Walmart Brands – quality products Canadians want and need at everyday low prices.

If you’re curious – like we are – about what might be on the menu across the country, we reached out to our Replenishment team for some fun summer-inspired details on what flavours and products our Canadian customers reach for most often from our Walmart Brands assortment.

“Our team has the inside track on what Walmart customers are looking for across the country,” explains Jeff Costa, Vice President, Replenishment, Walmart Canada. “Using sales data, forecasting and consumer behaviour, we work with our other supply chain and merchant partners to make sure Canadians have access to the products they’re looking for when they shop at Walmart.”

  • Creamy, cool treats are on the menu most often in the Maritimes, where Great Value Ice Cream tubs are a top-seller.
  • Butterscotch flavour reigns supreme in P.E.I., where it’s the top choice customer choice! Meanwhile, stores in Brampton, Ont., sell more Great Value Ice Cream Cones than anywhere in the country.

  • Our Quebec customers’ kiddos are ready for a summer at the lake! Lasalle, Que., sells more Boys & Girls George Swimwear than anywhere else in Canada.

  • It’s always grilling season in St John’s, N.L., where customers purchase the most Great Value Burgers.
  • Further west, our East London, Ont., store has cornered the market on Great Value Burger Bun sales.

  • It’s a salty battle for greatness! Our Manitoba customers prefer the smoky/sweet flavours of BBQ for their Great Value chips while Ontario reaches for the GV Regular Rippled Chips.
  • If you’re into the perfect pairing of chips & dip, take a trip to Peterborough, Ont., where customers scoop up creamy, savoury Great Value Chip Dip more than anywhere else in the country.

  • Customers in Yellowknife, N.W.T., and Gander, N.L., are comparing apples to oranges when it comes to juice.
  • Our Great Value Apple Juice is our top private brand fruit juice pick in Yellowknife with orange trailing closely behind. But our customers in Gander prefer orange to apple!

Provinces and territories come in all different shapes and sizes, so all data shared is average units per store to help us provide an equal comparison.