One tough mother: Celebrating Nina’s mom on Mother’s Day

May 5, 2022

2 Min. Read

By Nina Migalski, Walmart Canada Store Manager

Mother’s Day was the one day a year that my mom could relax.

We would wake her up with slightly burnt toast covered in peanut butter, coffee with too much sugar and our best homemade gifts and cards. We’d do chores around the house while mom controlled the TV for the day!

It was a day of rest for a hard-working mother of five in Thunder Bay, Ontario, who worked many low-paying jobs to keep our tummies full and a roof over our heads. Mom always made us feel important, even when we didn’t have much. We always had each other.

My mother left a difficult situation to provide a safe home for us. We had no car, no money and few belongings. Mom appeared tough and independent, but she was suffering. It was hard to be a single mother in Ontario in the 1980s, but we always made it to school on time.

I remember coming home from school after the Christmas break feeling sad. The other kids in my class got the coolest toys for Christmas, while we got colouring books. I told my mom they said it was because we were poor.

“You are no different than those kids,” my mom said. “You are equal to them. In fact, you are more special because you’re smart and kind!”

Thanks, mom. You’ve made me resilient.

It pains me to think of how much my mother sacrificed for us. She taught us the value of a dollar and how to make it stretch. She was always cutting coupons and checking flyers to provide more for us.

If we had Walmart in Canada at the time, life would’ve been much easier for my mom. That’s why I love this company – we help financially-stretched families save money so they can live better. As a store manager in Winnipeg, I see this reality with my own eyes every day. Customers trust us to deliver.

On Mother’s Day, I’m reminded of my mom’s strength. Seven years ago, a stroke paralyzed her and affected her speech. But like the tough times of our past, she never let them bring her down. Her laugh still fills the room. She still beats me in a game of crib. She still sees every day as a blessing.

And we are so blessed to have her.

My mom has always been proud of my career at Walmart. She loves the excellent service we provide and knows she’s getting the best prices. It’s always a treat when “Nina’s Ma” comes for a visit.

My mom had a hard life to give me a good one. This is what I celebrate with her every Mother’s Day.

Thanks for everything, mom. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!