Walmart Canada invests in wearable tech: over 1,500 ring scanners arrive in-store

April 5, 2022

1 Min. Read

Fingers are flashing as more than 1,500 Ring Scanners arrive to help Walmart Canada associates pick online grocery orders faster and more easily.

This investment will benefit more than 130 stores and is one of the first pieces of wearable technology to be deployed by Walmart Canada.

These scanners make it easier and more comfortable than ever for our associates to pick orders, thanks to their lightweight and intuitive design that allows for both hands to be free for picking.

Our goal is to save customers time and money so they can live better. That’s why we’re investing in making it faster, easier and more convenient to shop online with Walmart – and that includes ensuring our associates have access to the tools and training to improve their speed and accuracy when fulfilling orders.

“Walmart is investing in technology to improve our overall associate experience, including wearable tech,” explains Olivia Lynch, Director, Omni Store of the Future, Walmart Canada. “My team is proud to pilot emerging and interesting technologies and find ways to bring them to our business. Ring scanners are just one example of the many ways we’re looking to integrate wearable technology into our processes at Walmart.”

While picking online grocery orders isn’t a race, associates who participated in the June 2020 ring scanner pilot attained their highest year-to-date pick speeds. Outside of bragging rights amongst their colleagues, using ring scanners had clear benefits for associates:

  • Having both hands free makes for an easier and faster picking experience
  • The scanners are lightweight and easier to use than the handheld units
  • Wearable technology is fun and enjoyable to use

“We like to say that Walmart is “associate-driven and tech-enabled,” shares Heather Mills, Senior Program Manager, Online Grocery. “Equipping our omnichannel associates with ring scanners is a game-changer, particularly in the online grocery space. We’re proud to bring these innovations to our in-store teams.”
As we continue to invest in our omnichannel business at Walmart, wearable technology like ring scanners is just the start.