Update from Horacio

June 28, 2021

1 Min. Read

Hello everyone -

Many of us are feeling a sense of hope and optimism, as we enter the next phase of the pandemic. Family celebrations and once taken for granted routines are inching back into our lives.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have made an unwavering commitment to the safety of our customers and associates. As a retailer providing an essential service, we took this responsibility with the utmost seriousness.

We still do!

Safety remains a priority in all aspects of our work – from store operations, to e-commerce, and transportation. We want to do everything we can to continue ensuring our associates and customers feel safe at Walmart. Our commitment will not weaken as the pandemic recedes – it’s part of our culture and ways of working.

My optimism is also fueled by quickly increasing vaccination rates.

We’ve been honoured to be part of the vaccination rollout and proud that more than 200,000 Canadians have been vaccinated at a Walmart pharmacy. Walmart remains a safe and convenient option to book your vaccination.

Our teams of skilled pharmacists are here to help. You can visit here to find out about booking an appointment.

As we ease into some sense of normalcy, I can assure you that our stores are ready. Our e-commerce business is better than it’s ever been and ready to keep up with the ongoing demand. We’ve expanded the service to more communities and more customers than ever are enjoying online grocery.

Yet, while the pandemic is winding down, I also know there are also some very important conversations happening in our communities about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Like the rest of the country, Walmart and our associates have been deeply saddened about the horrible discoveries in Kamloops and just last week in Saskatchewan, as well as the terror attack in London.

At Walmart we’re a family. Our stores are as diverse as the country and we stand proudly in solidarity with all our neighbours, including the Indigenous and Muslim communities in strongly denouncing any and all forms of racism, discrimination and violence against any community.

We see you. We value you. We stand with you.

We have committed to using our size and scale to make an impact towards a more just and equitable society across Canada.

A few weeks ago, we joined the Walmart Foundation and announced new initiatives to address the drivers of systemic racism in society and accelerate change. The announcement included a $20 million USD investment to advance equity for Indigenous and Black people in Canada.

You can learn more here and by watching the video.

In closing, while the pandemic continues testing our ability to pivot quickly, adapt and overcome, I’ve never felt more confident that both our country and our company can handle whatever comes our way.

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for everything you have done for your families, communities and for one another.

On behalf of our associates from coast to coast to coast, we look forward to seeing you in our stores soon.

Have a great Canada Day.

Horacio Barbeito