Walmart Canada Unveils New, State-of-the-Art, “Urban Supercentre Concept”

May 29, 2019

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New “Urban Supercentre Concept” in Toronto integrates eCommerce, third-party licensees, state-of-the-art technology, and an updated assortment into a new bricks-and-mortar store design and layout for urban markets

· New prototype introduces “Fast Lane”, which allows customers to use the My Walmart app on their mobile device to shop and check out quickly and seamlessly

· New licensee strategy reflects emerging trends and evolving customer needs, adding new partners like Freshii, MINISO, The UPS Store and The Party Shop

· New associate positions have been added to focus on customer service, including online grocery and general merchandise pickup

MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 29, 2019 – Walmart Canada unveiled its new “Urban Supercentre Concept” in Toronto, Ontario, allowing the retailer to better address the evolving needs of its current and future customers.

Walmart has chosen its Toronto-Stockyards location to bring new “Fast Lane” checkout technology to the store and to fully integrate the My Walmart app to allow customers to scan their own products as they shop. Store associates – including new full- and part-time associates – work alongside state-of-the-art technology to help make shopping as easy and convenient as possible for customers. A second Supercentre Concept will launch in Thornhill next year and best practices will be used in future store renovations.

“With our new Urban Supercentre Concept, we’re continuing to position ourselves as a leader in store design and retail innovation,” said Lee Tappenden, president and CEO of Walmart Canada. “We’re introducing new partners, testing new and innovative technologies, integrating eCommerce with bricks-and-mortar and updating our assortment to improve the customer shopping experience and to appeal more to young families in urban markets.”

With the new Urban Supercentre Concept, Walmart Canada is adding technology and convenience for customers, without compromising on the unbeatable low prices and quality Canadians expect from Walmart.

“Our new concept is a symbol of what’s to come in retail and demonstrates our vision for helping Canadians save money and live better, now and in the future,” added Tappenden.

What does the new Urban Supercentre Concept look like?

My Walmart App: Customers can expect an easy, fast, and fun shopping experience that allows them to scan items and download digital coupons on the go and store-specific deals for additional savings. The store also offers free Wi-Fi and phone chargers.

Life in the Fast Lane: When My Walmart App users are ready to check out, they enter the “Fast Lane”, scan the barcode on their order, have the order charged to their credit card on file and show the receipt on their phone to the “Fast Lane” associate. Associates have received additional training to help customers use the Fast Lane smoothly.

Third-Party Licensees: New concept stores will offer customers an array of new and exciting licensee concepts based on Walmart’s evolving licensee strategy. At the Stockyards Walmart, licensee partnerships include Freshii, the Party Shop, The UPS store, MINISO, Naoki Sushi and a newly renovated McDonald’s. These licensees reflect current and emerging trends and aim to make our customers’ lives easier while offering an enhanced shopping experience.

Omni Store: The Stockyards Walmart has a dedicated Walmart.ca section, where customers can see and shop for extended aisle products and speak with expert associates who can answer questions and assist with online orders. This area will also be used to host pop-up shops for online vendors. The new prototype also features expanded and improved pickup areas for added customer convenience both inside and outside the store.

Community Hub: The Stockyards Store features a seating section where customers can eat meals, sit down with friends and family and check out a community board featuring local news, activities and events.

Fresh Market: The grocery section has been renamed Fresh Market and carries top quality fruits and vegetables, including organics as well as 100% Canadian beef, chicken, pork and seafood. The grocery department has been redesigned to include more theatre lighting and wood panel wall treatment for a market look and feel.

Family-Friendly: The new store features two dedicated nursing rooms, a redesigned toy section and the company’s largest and only full-service Party Shop.

Cleaner, Brighter and Enhanced Design and Layout: Several innovations from previous Walmart Canada prototypes will be integrated into the Urban Supercentre Concept, including improvements to product displays, signage and floor plans

Associate Space: The associate lounge has been updated to include sofas for lounging, bar top tables, and charging stations.

Walmart Canada Investment in Bricks and Mortar
Last month, the company announced an investment of $200 million in its store network, with a focus on refurbishing and refreshing 31 stores. Over the last five years, the company has invested over $1 billion in its Canadian store network.
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About Walmart Stockyards
· 300 full- and part-time Associates
· Approximately 139,000 square feet
· First opened in January 2005
· One of 135 Supercentres in Ontario
· First Urban Supercentre Concept in the country

About Walmart Canada
Walmart Canada operates a chain of more than 400 stores nationwide serving more than 1.2 million customers each day. Walmart Canada's flagship online store, Walmart.ca is visited by more than 750,000 customers daily. With more than 85,000 associates, Walmart Canada is one of Canada's largest employers and is ranked one of the country's top 10 most influential brands. Walmart Canada's extensive philanthropy program is focused on supporting Canadian families in need, and since 1994 Walmart Canada has raised and donated more than $350 million to Canadian charities. Additional information can be found at walmartcanada.ca, facebook.com/walmartcanada and at twitter.com/walmartcanada.


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