Meet Walmart Canada’s most northern store: Store #3121, Yellowknife

June 28, 2024

Walmart Canada’s Yellowknife store has been proudly serving the north for 30 years.

Nestled in the heart of the Northwest Territories, with fewer than 100 associates and a unique customer base, the Yellowknife Walmart is a small store with a big reach.

“We are a small community store that serves the whole Northwest Territories,” said Holly Webb, Assistant Manager, Total Loss and Compliance. “We have one road that leads from the border of Alberta into the Northwest Territories, so there’s one way in, and one way out.”

With the next Walmart Canada store a 10-hour drive away, our customers visit from all across the territory to do their shopping with Walmart. Whether it’s a weekly grocery shop, buying a pallet of dog food for their sled dogs or stock ups for small businesses, our associates make sure that the products our customers want are in stock and ready for when they come pick them up.

“Because of Walmart, cupboards are less barren, electronics more readily available, holidays more joyful, all because of this store being situated in our little city,” said Garett Cochrane, Deputy Mayor Yellowknife.

Meet our Yellowknife team and learn more about this unique store: