Rising above: The inspiring journey of Nastacia Dunchie, Walmart Canada's 2023 Shining Star of the Year

March 28, 2024

At Walmart Canada’s Distribution Centre 7088 in Mississauga, amidst the whirring of machinery and hustle of associates, there's one individual who stands out among the rhythm – Team Lead, Nastacia Dunchie.

Crowned as Walmart Canada’s Shining Star of the Year – an award recognizing exceptional dedication and positive contributions to Walmart Canada’s community – Nastacia’s journey of navigating challenges to leading with compassion serves as a powerful source of motivation.

Nastacia's journey began in Jamaica, where she faced hardships after losing her mother at a young age. Undeterred at 17 years old, she made her way to Canada, determined to build a better future. Despite facing obstacles, Nastacia's relentless pursuit of growth and opportunity earned her a full-time role at Walmart, showcasing her exceptional work ethic and drive.

"Watching Nastacia's journey unfold has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. She's the epitome of resilience and positivity, and always uplifting her team," said Meytal Nunes, Vice President, DC Operations. "Nastacia embodies everything we stand for at Walmart Canada – dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment. She's not just a leader; she's a force of nature, and I feel privileged to witness her impact."

Nastacia’s leadership fosters an inclusive workplace culture where every voice is heard and valued. She advocates for growth opportunities and supports her team's camaraderie through social events, believing in the strength of collaboration and shared purpose.

When asked about what this award means to her, Nastacia humbly reflects on its significance. “It's not just about recognition; it's a nod to the amazing support and guidance I've received from mentors like Edleys Reeves, Verna Shillingford and Dwight Paul. They've been my rocks, propelling me forward when I needed it most.”

At the core of Nastacia's success lies her dedication to building a strong sense of community and empowerment. She pioneered initiatives like the Bravo Board at her distribution centre, a platform celebrating associates' achievements and growth. Nastacia said, “This award is also a reminder of the hard work and determination that brought me here, and it fuels my drive to continue paying it forward to my team.”

Whether stepping in to cover shifts or offering guidance during difficult conversations, Nastacia's leadership shines through in every aspect of her work. Her collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence contribute to a positive environment, fostering a culture of respect and teamwork.

In Nastacia Dunchie, Walmart Canada has found more than just a dedicated associate – she's a shining example of resilience and empowerment. With her favourite quote, "You only fail when you stop trying," Nastacia inspires everyone around her, and epitomizes the true essence of a Shining Star.