A note of gratitude: How Walmart supported me in my Canadian journey

Feb. 15, 2024

Reflecting on my journey since arriving in Canada in 2019, I can't help but express my immense appreciation for the pivotal role Walmart Canada has played in my life.

When I first stepped into Walmart (my first job after arriving to Canada), I didn’t know that it would not only be my workplace but a place that supported me through thick and thin. In the challenging times of a pandemic, the temporary removal of the 20-hour work limit for foreign nationals working in Canada was a game-changer for me. Working full hours not only helped me make ends meet but also laid the foundation for a brighter future.

As the Canadian government announced the new pathway to permanent residency for temporary essential workers in 2021, I realized that the hours I put in at Walmart played a crucial role in my journey to securing permanent residency in Canada. For me, Walmart has been more than just a job; it's been a bridge to opportunities, growth, and a sense of belonging in this beautiful country.

Here's a few other reasons why working at Walmart Canada has been a fulfilling experience for me:

1) Supportive Community: Walmart fosters a culture of support and collaboration, making every associate feel like they’re part of a big family. As an international student who came to Canada in 2019, I have personally experienced the warmth and inclusivity of this community, finding a sense of belonging within the Walmart family.

2) Growth Opportunities: The company provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing employees to chart their career paths.

3) Inclusive Environment: Walmart Canada values diversity and inclusion, creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

4️) Social Responsibility: I take pride in working for a company that actively engages in social responsibility, making a positive impact on the community.

5️) Work-Life Balance: Walmart Canada strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance, recognizing the importance of personal well-being.

6) Benefits & Rewards: Perks like the Associate Discount and Associate Stock Purchase Plan have been invaluable in my journey. They not only provide financial benefits but make me feel more connected to the company.

And the support doesn't end there! Currently, I'm enrolled in the Human Resources Management Diploma course at McMaster University through Walmart Canada’s "LiveBetterU" program. This incredible initiative not only invests in the professional development of associates, covering the cost of tuition and books upfront, but also underscores Walmart's commitment to its employees' growth.

Thank you, Walmart Canada, for being more than just a job; you've been a cornerstone in my Canadian journey.