50 remarkable years of service, dedication and memories with Walmart Canada

Jan. 19, 2024

When looking back at five decades of service to Walmart Canada, not every associate can say they helped a customer deliver a baby inside a Walmart store. But Jessie Russomanno can.

In the bustling west end of Toronto, on November 7, 1973, 22-year-old Jessie began her career in the ladieswear department at the Dufferin Mall Woolco, just three months after welcoming her first daughter, Palma.

As the years unfolded, so did Jessie's passion for her work, her colleagues, and the evolving company. In 1994, Walmart emerged, bringing along changes that only fueled Jessie's dedication. The distinctive blue vest, morning meetings, and unforgettable cheer became integral parts of Jessie’s Walmart experience.

The Dufferin Mall location holds a treasure trove of memories for Jessie and her family. From the iconic blue and red branding to the unique movator, each reminiscence is wrapped in the camaraderie of her extraordinary fellow associates. In 2011, a new chapter unfolded as store 1115 opened its doors in Maple. Jessie, alongside her friend Rita, bid farewell to the Dufferin Mall family, paving the way for new bonds in Maple.

“50 years is not just a testament to time spent, but also a measure of the countless lives touched, hours clocked in, and challenges overcome,” said former Maple Store Manager Yohan Aguiar. “Jessie is not just an associate, but a valued member of our Walmart family and her impact goes far beyond what meets the eye.”

Jessie’s years serving Walmart Canada are peppered with memories from setting up the new store, the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, and the joy of connecting with customers. Jessie's commitment to personal connections shone through in anecdotes of finding the perfect pair of red socks for a man inspired by the Pope or lifting the spirits of an elderly woman through heartfelt chats at the fitting room.

“50 years of dedication, 50 years of customer connections, 50 years of lasting friendships,” said Jessie’s daughter, Palma. “Walmart will always be a part of our mom’s life, and we hope her remaining years with the company prove to be just as memorable, just as special, and just as rewarding.”

For Jessie, Walmart is not just a workplace; it's a cherished part of her life. Cheers to Jessie's extraordinary dedication to Walmart—a journey that transcends time and continues to inspire.