Walmart’s brightest: Celebrating Ajay Gabani, Walmart Canada’s 2022 Shining Star of the Year

March 30, 2023

1 Min. Read

When Ajay Gabani, Customer Service Manager at Store 3659 in Moncton, New Brunswick helped reunite a missing child with his mother, with the help of other associates, he demonstrated the very best of Walmart's culture - service, respect, excellence, and integrity.

Ajay received the prestigious 2022 Shining Star of the Year Award at Walmart Canada’s annual Year Beginning Meeting on March 7, 2023. He was applauded by more than 1,500 leaders from across the country as he was chosen as the company’s brightest star and associate of the year.

“I was so surprised to receive the Shining Star of the Year award,” said Ajay. “I’m honoured to be recognized and feel so privileged to work among such good people.”

Last October, during one of his shifts, Ajay was approached by a customer to report a missing child they believed was shopping in the store. Ajay looked up the news coverage about the Amber Alert, identified the young boy and his father and then immediately informed his manager who called police. With the help of other associates, they stalled and kept an eye on the two until police arrived. Gabani’s swift action helped reunite the boy with his mother.

One month later, Ajay and three fellow associates were recognized by local Codiac Regional RCMP with Certificates of Appreciation for exceptional community service. These certificates are typically reserved for RCMP employees.

“Whether it’s living our values, going above and beyond for customers, associates, and communities, or making a positive impact on our business by way of sales, cost savings, and reputation – associates like Ajay make a difference every day,” said AnnMarie Mercer, Chief People Officer at Walmart Canada.

There were 40,000 Shining Star nominations last year. Seven associates were chosen as finalists, including associates who performed life-saving measures and others who are pursuing excellence, to ensure Walmart Canada is always putting its best foot forward.

Walmart Canada is an award-winning employer and one of Canada’s largest with more than 100,000 associates in its 400+ stores, distribution centres and home office.