Walmart Canada’s most popular pillow packs a punch on value and sustainability

Aug. 4, 2022

2 Min. Read

Dive into the deep blue sea of a Walmart Canada store to find a whale of a deal — the Blue Whale Pillow.

Filled and finished in Montreal by Hollander Sleep Products exclusively for Walmart Canada, the Blue Whale Pillow has been a top-selling product for years both online and in-store at Walmart.ca thanks to its low price and incredible comfort.

“Our customers love our iconic Blue Whale Pillow for the value and quality it offers,” says Erin Ichiyen, Walmart Canada Senior Category Manager. “But many Canadians may not realize this product is also protecting the planet.”

Each Blue Whale Pillow is made from approximately 25 recycled plastic water bottles. In 2021 alone, Canadians purchased nearly 1.2 million Blue Whale Pillows, which is only available at Walmart Canada, saving around 30 million plastic water bottles. That’s more than 610,000 lb. (more than 275,000 kg) of plastic potentially diverted from oceans and waterways.

“We are a little Canadian operation, but our pillows pack a mighty punch,” says Christopher Biskupek, Sales Vice President at Hollander. “It’s been a staple product at Walmart Canada for more than 20 years.”

By giving single-use plastics a second life, Walmart suppliers are promoting sustainability.

“We also try to reduce our carbon footprint by compressing our pillows to maximize the amount we can fit on each truck,” adds Biskupek. “More pillows on trucks means fewer trips required, reducing gasoline consumption and minimizing cardboard waste. These efforts really add up.”

“Even better, the bags the Blue Whale Pillows are packed in are also 100% recyclable,” says Jessica Chan, Walmart Canada Category Manager. “Walmart is sourcing this item from a sustainable Canadian manufacturer.”

Walmart has the potential to impact sustainability at every level of the supply chain. Customers shouldn’t have to choose between products they can afford and products that are produced in an environmentally responsible way. Walmart collaborates with suppliers to make sure the products for sale are as affordable, safe and sustainable as possible.

Hollander Sleep Products employs approximately 150 people in Canada. By purchasing this product at Walmart Canada, Canadians are helping support Canadian jobs.

“We’re not just a supplier, we're a partner,” says Biskupek. “We’re proud of our Canadian operation and we’re proud to be making a difference.”

At Walmart Canada, we’re proud to support Canadian jobs by working with local suppliers. This helps boost Canada’s economy and provides opportunities for people of all backgrounds. We consider it an obligation and a privilege to provide Canadians with products they trust from companies in the communities where they live. For more details about products grown or manufactured in Canada, visit Walmart.ca.