Walmart Canada begins selling 100% Quebec beef in all Supercentres provincewide

May 5, 2022

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Mississauga, ON, May 5, 2022 – Walmart Canada is proud to announce all its Supercentres in Quebec will now sell beef products that are 100% locally sourced and processed in Quebec. Starting this week, Quebec customers will be able to purchase a variety of beef products such as striploin steaks, top sirloin medallion steaks, lean ground beef and lean ground beef burgers, which are supplied by local cattle farmers and now available at Walmart’s everyday low prices.

This commitment represents sales of approximately 100,000 pounds of locally sourced beef products over a 12-month period, supplied by Quebec-based company Alpha Meat Packers, in collaboration with Boeuf Quebec. Quebecers will notice this new local Quebec option in the meat department by finding beef marked with the Boeuf Quebec logo alongside other beef options.

This program supports Quebec farmers and Quebecers across the food supply chain by offering local beef products at Walmart Canada Supercentres in Quebec. This announcement follows Walmart Canada’s 2021 commitment to sell pork from Quebec in all its Supercentres in Quebec.

Walmart Canada is proud to support Quebec jobs by working with local suppliers. This helps boost Quebec’s economy and provides opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Walmart considers it an obligation and a privilege to provide Quebecers with local products they trust from companies in the communities where they live. For more details about local products from Quebec available for purchase at Walmart, visit Walmart.ca.

“Supporting local suppliers isn’t just what we say, it’s what we do,” said Cyrille Ballereau, Walmart Canada’s Regional Vice President for Quebec. “We’re excited to offer a delicious variety of local beef products for our Quebec customers. This offering gives our customers the option to buy local beef products at Walmart to support cattle farmers in our own backyard.”

“We are incredibly proud to offer locally sourced fresh beef to our customers in Quebec,” said Robert Pereira, Senior Director of Merchandising for Meat and Seafood, Walmart Canada. “Our customers in Quebec want to support local businesses, and we’re giving them that option with quality beef products that are sourced close to home. This program is a true win-win for our customers and the Quebec farmers they choose to support.”

“Walmart involvement in the Boeuf Quebec partner program now allows consumers to benefit from greater access to quality beef, raised in Quebec, with a view to sustainable production,” said Jean-Sébastien Gascon, General Manager, Boeuf Quebec. “Quebec beef breeders thank Walmart for the confidence thus expressed, which helps support the reconstruction of the Quebec industry, from farm to table.”

Facts about Walmart Canada in Quebec:

  • Walmart Canada has been proudly serving Quebecers since 1994.
  • Walmart has 71 stores and more than 14,500 associates in Quebec.
  • Walmart recently purchased approximately $3.2 billion worth of products from more than 500 Quebec-based suppliers over a 12-month period.
  • Walmart raised and donated more than $5.3 million for Quebec charities in 2021.

About Walmart Canada

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