‘Hope is on the way’: Walmart Canada associate shares Lunar New Year story

Feb. 1, 2022

2 Min. Read

By Tak Wang, Walmart Canada Online Grocery Associate

Since I was a young boy in China, I have always looked forward to Lunar New Year.

Every year, my family and I would visit relatives, friends, and elderly people. We would eat, drink and play games together. It was a very joyful time because everyone was so excited.

There were so many delicious treats to enjoy, but the red pocket money was my favourite part!

On Lunar New Year’s Eve, our parents would give us lucky pocket money in a red envelope to put under our pillows to bring good luck in the year ahead.

The next morning would bring a new year, which means new beginnings. Out with the old and in with the new. That’s why we’d wear new clothes from top to bottom to start fresh in the new year.

The first thing we would do is find our parents, kneel before them, and give our best wishes for good health and protection in the year ahead. Our parents worked so hard and deserved our gratitude.

My parents would pat my head and tell me I was a “good boy” before handing over a red envelope filled with money. We were so happy! If you’re single and unmarried, you’re eligible for free money.

These traditions were passed down to us and we will pass them down to the next generation.

When I first came to Canada in 1977, few people knew about Lunar New Year. Now, we’re more aware of traditions and we celebrate each other’s cultures. It’s beautiful to see!

In December 2020, I joined Walmart Canada as an online grocery associate in Victoria. I pick groceries for customers to save them time. The best part is interacting with customers and associates. I love working here – it’s so much fun!

This year is the Year of the Tiger, which is special for me since I was born in the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is said to represent strength, endurance, and patience – all the good stuff!

I remember my mother would make a sliced rice cake for Lunar New Year. She’d only make it once a year, but when she did, it was wonderful!

When I saw this cake at Walmart here in Canada, I couldn’t believe it! Ready to eat, just open and enjoy.

Customers in Victoria get excited when they see our stunning Lunar New Year displays. We have tigers, lanterns and so much red. It really brings up the atmosphere. What a wonderful feeling!

This is a time of year to wish people good fortune and tell them great things are coming. Hope is on the way, we like to say. Stay safe and healthy in 2022!

Gong hei fat choy! Happy Lunar New Year!