Walmart Canada selects TELUS Health pharmacy management solution for all Accès pharma locations across Quebec

Nov. 12, 2019

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Montreal, QC - Walmart Canada announced today that it has selected TELUS Health’s next generation pharmacy management solution (PMS), Ubik, for all of its Accès pharma franchised locations across the province of Quebec. The province-wide rollout is modernizing 68 locations so patients in Quebec can access more clinical health services while pharmacists streamline operations management and collaborate digitally with other healthcare professionals within a connected healthcare ecosystem.

Accès pharma is experiencing remarkable growth in Quebec. With this new solution, the pharmacies are enhancing their focus on putting the patient at the centre of care allowing pharmacists-owners to provide expanded services to patients helping them with chronic illness monitoring, personalized care plan development, online prescription renewals, and educational support on medications.

“Following an evaluation of our pharmacy management solution across Quebec, we came to the conclusion that TELUS Health was the best partner to help us not only meet, but exceed our goals to innovate our pharmacist-owner practices with modern solutions,” said Erik Botines, Director, Quebec Pharmacy at Walmart Canada. “Our pharmacists can now offer a broader range of services to patients and improve their experience with us both in-person and online.”

Ubik’s technology is helping to modernize pharmacies and increase efficiencies through:
● Enhanced inventory management;
● Online prescription management; and
● Messaging and connectivity features with the patient, which is enabling physicians and pharmacists to communicate digitally for things such as online renewals of medications instead of relying on antiquated technology.

Further, Ubik is supporting the expansion of the scope of the Accès Pharma pharmacist-owner practice from dispensing medication to increasingly providing clinical support for patients under their care and strengthening their ability to communicate more seamlessly with physicians and other healthcare providers.

“The traditional role of the pharmacist is expanding with more pharmacies across Canada delivering a range of innovative services including: medication reviews, chronic disease management, immunization services, and wellness programs,” said Luc Vilandre, President, TELUS Health and Payment Solutions. “Ubik is designed to evolve with this expanding role in pharmacies like Accès pharma at Walmart in Quebec. As we collaborate with the pharmacist community, we are gleaning insights for new features so we can continue improving the pharmacy experience for patients in Quebec and across the country.”

TELUS Health’s latest pharmacy management solution, Ubik, is currently used in pharmacist and pharmacy technician schools throughout the province of Quebec, training practitioners of the future. The solutions innovative tools and functionalities meet those required by the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec (OPQ) level of practice and continues to evolve to provide a better user experience for both the pharmacy team and the patient.

TELUS Heath’s Quebec-based dedicated team is supporting a seamless transition and transparent integration of the solution with the provincial Dossier santé Québec (DSQ) as well as connectivity to the TELUS Health ecosystem of electronic medical records (EMRs), currently used by more than 28,000 clinicians across the country.

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Access Pharma chez Walmart is a pharmacy franchise banner in Quebec consisting of 68 locations. Additional information can be found at https://www.accespharma.ca/en