Laurent Duray

Chief Growth Officer

In his current role, Laurent leads alternate revenue streams, digital enablement, e-commerce, customer understanding and the data office.

Prior to this role, Laurent was Walmart Canada’s Chief E-commerce Officer, leading a cross-functional team to accelerate and grow Walmart Canada’s online business.

At Walmart Canada, Laurent has previously served as Vice President of Strategy and Senior Vice President of Fresh, Grocery and Consumables and recently initiated the omni integration within merchandising. His passion for the customer, long-term thinking, and talent enabled him to deliver substantial and sustainable growth.

Prior to Walmart, Laurent enjoyed a successful career at Ahold Delhaize, that started with implementing a discount format in Belgium, Greece, and Romania to be appointed the Managing Director of Red Market in Belgium. The newly created format became the first retailer worldwide to implement a fully Scan&Go checkout.

Laurent started his career in management consulting at Accenture within the strategy practice. His focus was on the banking and retail sector, with an emphasis on post deal transformation, operating models, and innovation.

He grew up in Belgium and has lived in five different countries (Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain, and Canada).

Laurent graduated from ICHEC with a Master's in Business Administration.