Statement regarding dismissal of Kemptville Walmart associate

Many people have expressed concerns regarding a recent media story about the dismissal of an associate from our Kemptville store as well as Walmart's commitment to supporting animal rights.

We would like to clear up important misconceptions that have been circulating in the media as well as on social media. 

The associate in question was absolutely not let go for trying to help a dog in a hot car. The decision to dismiss an associate is one that we take extremely seriously and must follow a comprehensive process. However, out of respect for the associate and for privacy reasons we cannot provide specifics about why this associate was let go.

Walmart is a supporter and advocate for animal rights. Over the past year alone we have made donations to local SPCAs, the Humane Society and Animal Shelters. In addition, signs will be added to the front of all our stores across the country to advise customers of the dangers of leaving kids and pets in a hot car.

We also have a long standing protocol that directs associates to take appropriate action, and if necessary, notify the authorities if they believe an animal is in distress or at risk. In the case of the recent story in the media about our Kemptville store, as per our protocol, the store manager did speak to the customer in question about the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car.