Driving innovation forward: Walmart Canada unveils first-of-its-kind supercube trailer

Super cube trailer
  • Innovative new trailer is Ontario-made and designed
  • New trailer allows for 30% more cube space than a standard 53’ trailer

Mississauga, ON, November 7, 2012 - Walmart Canada recently unveiled its latest transportation innovation, a 60-foot supercube trailer that allows the retailer to ship up to 30% more product than a standard 53-foot trailer. Designed and built in Ontario, the supercube trailer was produced in partnership with Innovative Trailer Design.

“Innovative and efficient transportation solutions are essential to achieving Walmart’s sustainability goals,” said Andy Ellis, senior vice president of supply chain and logistics for Walmart Canada. “This new trailer allows us to deliver more products to our stores, using fewer trucks, thereby reducing our impact on the environment.” 

The supercube trailer was unveiled at the recent Fall 2012 Transportation Sustainability Conference. Held at the Walmart Canada home office, the conference was attended by representatives from various industries including retail, transportation and logistics and energy, and included presentations on fuel innovation, natural gas and transportation innovation.

“The conference provided us with a chance to showcase the supercube trailer not only with supply chain and transportation professionals, but also with other retailers,” added Ellis. “We’ve always said that sustainability is not a competitive advantage.  We’ll share the knowledge and technology put into this truck with anyone who’s interested, just as we’ve shared the knowledge gained from our sustainable fresh food distribution centre in Balzac, Alberta.”

Basic trailer specifications

  • Total trailer length: 60'6"
  • Inside trailer height (lower/main deck): 126"
  • Inside trailer height (upper deck): 110"
  • Total inside cube: 5,100 CUFT – 30% more cube than a standard 53’ trailer (3,900 CUFT)
  • Kingpin setting at 62"

Trailer interior

  • Fully welded and sealed lightweight all-aluminum flat floor with anti-slip surface minimizes trailer weight while providing a safe and low- maintenance surface
  • Flush-mounted LED lights in the ceiling with timer switch at trailer entrance provide excellent visibility for loading and unloading freight
  • Aluminum and galvanized cross members

Split Deck

  • 16" height difference between the upper and lower (main) deck enables standard kingpin position and hook-up for standard tractors
  • A flush, in-floor 12,000 lbs capacity scissor lift provides forklift access to the trailer’s upper deck
  • The scissor lift has a safety flip plate to prevent the forklift from rolling off the lift
  • The scissor lift also includes battery back-up

Bogie Lift System

  • Airbag system raises the rear of the trailer to the standard 4’ dock height
  • Rear frame roller system at the rear of the trailer prevents damage to the bumpers around a dock when the trailer is being lowered and raised

Drome Box

  • Total capacity: 521 CUFT
  • Adds 10% additional cubic capacity to the supercube; can accommodate four skids
  • Access via external bi-fold doors at the nose of the supercube
  • The drome box rolls to the back of truck frame to facilitate loading and unloading at a dock door

In addition to the specification listed above, the supercube also includes a host of safety features such a driver safety system which includes lane departure warnings, video-based safety and telemetry, and automatically generated risk management reports to facilitate safer driving. It also features a back-up camera to facilitate safe and easy operation, fuel-saving resistance tires and side skirts, and a roll stability system to prevent rollovers. 

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