Building Capacity in Canadian Food Banks

The Walmart Foundation’s $2.6 million dollar commitment to Food Banks Canada will be invested in vital infrastructure needed to support hunger relief in Canada and reduce safe, surplus, good food going to waste. We’re proud to share how our donations are making a difference in local communities.

Building Capacity in Canadian Food Banks

Food bank line

Walmart Canada believes all Canadians should have access to affordable, safe, nutritious food. The Walmart Foundation is demonstrating a multi-year, multi-million dollar commitment to strengthen the food banking network's ability to provide more food and specifically fresh food to Canadians in need by investing in vital infrastructure needed to recover and distribute good, safe surplus food to Canadian families in need. Here are a few examples of our funding in action.

Airdrie Food Bank, Airdrie AB
Project: Used cube van

The Airdrie Food Bank recently expanded their operations majorly by building a new facility. This has increased their capacity to provide more support to their community. Airdrie Food Bank is purchasing a used one-ton truck that will allow them to pick up more food and enable them to be more efficient when unloading food at the food bank.

Daily Bread Food Bank, Toronto ON
Project: Fork lift

"Daily Bread Food Bank has been able to purchase a brand-new forklift to replace our old forklift, which was beyond repair. This incredible gift means our warehouse team can continue to go strong, moving the tens of thousands of pounds of food needed daily to help feed some of the most vulnerable people in the city of Toronto! Thank you, Walmart!"

- Laurie Snyder, Director of Operations

Feed Nova Scotia, NS
Project: Truck

Feed Nova Scotia collects and distributes food for 146 agencies across the province. This means their trucks are on the road 5 days a week, covering 350,000 km every year to help Nova Scotians living with food insecurity. The organization will invest in a 16-foot refrigerated truck to increase their capacity to recover more food from more locations.

Food Depot Alimentaire, Moncton NB
Project: Retrofit refrigerated truck and staffing

"This grant has allowed us to get our truck retrofitted ultimately breaking the barrier to accessing fresh and frozen foods from local grocery stores. Thanks to the Walmart Foundation, we are able to continue our work on our growing our Greater Moncton Food Recovery Program, and at the same time offer more fresh foods and frozen meat to our food banks and food programs."

- Chantal Senecal, Executive Director of Food Depot Alimentaire

Guelph Food Bank, Guelph ON
Project: Used van

The Guelph Food Bank distributed over one million lbs. of food last year, supporting over 26,000 families. Their critical need was replacing aging vans to ensure they could continue to pick up surplus good food from local retailers. Having reliable transportation gives the food bank the ability to expand their services to more agencies and more people in need.

Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB
Project: Loading dock upgrade

“The upgrade of our loading dock will greatly impact our ability to accept and distribute product through the National Food Sharing System and the retail partnerships established by Food Banks Canada. Without this type of funding, it is highly unlikely we could ever afford this much-needed improvement to our warehouse.”

– Danielle McIntyre, Executive Director, Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge

The building we purchased in 2010 is equipped with a loading dock, however, we have been unable to use it as the dock accessories were removed prior to our facility purchase. Thanks to the Walmart Foundation and the 2016 Retail Capacity Grant, we will improve our capacity by refurbishing our dock: acquiring and installing a dock leveler; drape seals; and dock bumpers. An improved dock facility will allow us to accept more food from the regional and national food sharing systems and retail programs, and will assist in providing larger quantities of food to our clients, area food banks and agency support programs. Increasing our capacity by improving our dock facilities will also contribute to our role in a pilot project we have recently begun with Alberta Food Banks: establishing a Southern Alberta Food Hub that would further our ability to assist not only our own clientele, but to support our provincial network of food banks by adding much needed storage space for items donated through retail programs.

Loaves & Fishes Community Food Bank, Nanaimo BC
Project: Walk-in freezer, pallet jack, tables and loading dock renovation

“The loading bay improvements, pallet jack and tables have greatly improved our efficiency, allowing us to get more food into the community. We are confident the walk-in freezer that is being installed will further increase the volume and quality of food available to people in need."

- Peter Sinclair, Executive Director, Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank