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Resources for Suppliers

The safety and wellbeing of workers in the global supply chain is important to Walmart. Our Responsible Sourcing program sets expectations for suppliers and their facilities to operate in a way that promotes the dignity of workers. Suppliers should check this page periodically for any new policies and changes to existing policies.
Standards for Suppliers
Standards for Suppliers

Standards for Suppliers

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Expectations for Suppliers

Walmart’s Standards for Suppliers set expectations for anyone that supplies product to Walmart for resale, as well as any agents they use. Suppliers are responsible for compliance with these Standards throughout their operations and throughout the entire product supply chain.

Review the Standards for Suppliers here.

Empowering Workers
We want workers to know what we expect of suppliers and their facilities on topics like wages and hours, safety, fair treatment, and forced labour – as well as how to report issues of concern. Our Standards for Suppliers require suppliers to post Walmart-approved posters in production facilities that cover these topics.

View facility posters by country and language here.

Facility Expectations

Facility Expectations

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Facility Disclosure
Suppliers are responsible for disclosing and scheduling audits for all facilities within Walmart’s disclosure and audit scope. If Walmart discovers a supplier producing merchandise in or subcontracting to an unauthorized facility, the supplier may become ineligible to do business with Walmart.

Review the disclosure policy here.

Disclose a facility (suppliers with Retail Link access): Retail Link > Apps > Supplier Profile
Disclose a facility (suppliers without Retail Link access): Contact your Business Enablement manager for the manual disclosure form.

Social Compliance Audits and Assessments
Suppliers have primary responsibility for monitoring compliance throughout their supply chains and correcting non-compliances, including in facilities producing product for Walmart. Walmart takes a risk-based approach to auditing suppliers’ facilities, which requires suppliers with higher-risk facilities (facilities located in countries with greater potential risks and supplying direct import merchandise to Walmart) to submit audits to Walmart on a more frequent basis. Suppliers required to submit an audit must work with an eligible program, follow the program’s directions to schedule an audit, and send the completed audit report to Walmart.

Walmart assesses the findings in each facility audit report submitted to Walmart against our Standards for Suppliers. Non-compliances and failure to remediate may result in consequences, up to and including termination of the supplier’s business relationship with Walmart and/or a facility’s ability to produce goods for sale at Walmart. Walmart reserves the right to audit or inspect a supplier’s facility at any time.

Review the audit and assessment policy and guidance here.

Training and Resources

Training and Resources

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We expect suppliers to understand potential risks for the geographies and industries in which they operate. To help mitigate risk, Walmart provides a suite of tools and resources to suppliers.

Responsible Sourcing Academy – View training resources, best practice guidance, and educational materials designed to help suppliers improve supply chain practices.

Global Compliance Guidance Tool – Review a summary of Walmart’s compliance requirements and expectations specific to suppliers’ status, product, and market, including Responsible Sourcing, Food Safety, Health & Wellness, Product Safety, Global Supply Chain Security, and Factory Capability and Capacity Audits.

Facility Posters – Walmart-approved posters covering topics such as wages and hours, safety, fair treatment, and forced labour – as well as how to report issues of concerns.