Canadian Red Cross National Fundraising Campaign

Walmart Canada is focused on supporting Canadian families in need. Since 2003, we have been working with the Canadian Red Cross to do just that, provide relief to families and communities in need during times of disaster.

From August 7 to 29, with your support, we’re hoping to raise $2.5 million for the Canadian Red Cross. During the three-week campaign, customers are invited to make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross at their local Walmart store or online (Click here to make a donation.) Walmart Canada will match donations, up to a maximum of $782,000 ($2,000 per store).  

Money contributed through this campaign provides the Canadian Red Cross with consistent, dependable funding so that, when disaster strikes, they have the funds they need to act immediately.
The Canadian Red Cross helps people affected by emergencies and disasters – situations ranging from a housefire to a flood that disrupts an entire region of the country – providing for people's basic needs – food, clothing, shelter, first aid, emotional support and family reunification.

Last year was a busy one for the Red Cross in terms of disaster management. Staff and volunteers were involved in more than 2,400 disasters across the country, an average of almost seven a day. In all, they helped almost 90,000 people, more than four times the number in 2012.

Walmart Canada is proud to be the top corporate sponsor of the Canadian Red Cross, raising and donating more than $25 million since 2003.

How you can be prepared when disaster strikes

Canadians have faced many emergency situations in the past, from floods to ice storms, power outages and water supply problems. It’s important to understand the risks in your community so you can be prepared.

According to recent polling by the Red Cross, two thirds of Canadians say they have not taken steps to prepare in the event of a disaster, like an earthquake or flood. Most often they say it’s because they think it is unlikely to happen, or they haven’t thought about it.

Could you meet your family’s essential needs for at least 72 hours in an emergency? The best way to prepare is by knowing the risks in your community, making a plan for your family and having an emergency preparedness kit.

We’ve partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to develop a Facebook application that helps you customize the needs of your family and consolidates everything into one easy to use shopping list.

Visit the Canadian Red Cross Facebook page to customize your emergency preparedness kit.