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Walmart Supercube Project Gets Green Light

• 100 deliveries completed using the Supercube truck
• Supercube reduced transportation costs by 24% and greenhouse gas emissions by 14%*
• Retailer plans to expand its Supercube fleet
• Walmart executives named to Canada’s 2014 Clean50 for Supercube initiative

Mississauga, ON, December 5, 2013 – Walmart Canada today announced it will proceed with the second phase of its Supercube project and releases preliminary results following completion of phase one. The objective of the pilot is to ensure compliance with all safety requirements; validate cost saving projections; and assess whether use of the Supercube will allow the retailer to reduce the environmental impact of its logistics and transportation operations.

The Supercube is a 60-foot 6 inch trailer combined with a snub-nosed truck and drome box that allows the retailer to ship over 40 per cent more merchandise compared to a standard 53-foot tractor – trailer combination. Designed and built in Mississauga, Ontario, the Supercube trailer was developed in partnership with Innovative Trailer Design.

“I am extremely pleased with the results we are seeing so far,” said Andy Ellis, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics at Walmart Canada. “We have confirmed that this truck will allow us to deliver the same merchandise using fewer trucks, in less time. This means faster delivery of merchandise to stores, less fuel, lower emissions and lower maintenance costs,” added Ellis.

“Based on the early success of our pilot project we hope to begin adding additional Supercube trucks to the fleet as early as next spring,” new linksaid Michael Buna, Senior Transportation Manager at Walmart Canada. “On the long term, we estimate that this truck could be used in up to 40 per cent of our delivery routes.”

This project is part of Walmart Canada’s strategic productivity initiative, Operate For Less, which requires the company to permanently reduce operational expenses by over $100 million annually. Operate for Less is about reducing costs, allowing the retailer to reduce prices and help customers save money.

The second phase of the project will see the retailer make improvements to the existing truck in order to improve load and unload times and will begin work to extend the Supercube fleet. Walmart has four Supercube trucks on the road today.

For their tremendous efforts driving sustainable innovation in the transportation sector, Andy Ellis and Michael Buna were recognized by Canada’s Clean50, an organization that recognizes 50 individuals or small teams who have made the greatest contributions to sustainable development or clean capitalism in Canada.

“We are incredibly proud of the vision, perseverance and innovative spirit that Andy and Michael have shown as they continually seek to improve our logistics operations,” said Shelley Broader, president and CEO of Walmart Canada. “This is a project that has the potential to benefit the retail industry as a whole, and ultimately all Canadians.”

On successful completion of the pilot project, Walmart Canada hopes to roll out the Supercube in all regions across Canada over the next five years. Walmart Store Inc. is also looking into the potential use of the Supercube for its U.S. logistics operations.

Results summary

Set up:
• Pilot phase one duration: 100 trips
• Average distance per trip: 200 km per trip
• Supercube trailer was filled to capacity

These results are in comparison to the trips required to deliver the same merchandise using a standard 53 foot trailer.

Cost savings: 24% percent reduction in cost to deliver the same merchandise
The cost savings is generated by lower fuel costsdue to less consumption as well as lower operational costs associated with the Supercube compared to a standard 53 foot tractor-trailer.

Reduction in GHG emissions: 14%
This is equivalent to the GHG emissions from one car over the period of one year.

Delivery time: For a 200 km round trip, the order to deliver time for the same merchandise is reduced by 5% compared to deliveries using a standard 53 foot trailer
Note that the supercube requires fewer trips for the same merchandise, however, it requires more time to load and unload.

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* Compared to the costs and emissions generated when using a 53 foot tractor trailer to transport equivalent merchandise.